2010 is also Georepublic’s first year at the local FOSS4G conference in Japan. The 2-days conference + 1 day workshop will take place October 31st to November 2nd in Tokyo and November 5th, 6th and 8th (workshops) in Osaka.

More details in Japanese can be found on the OSGeo Japan website:

Georepublic will continue the tradition of pgRouting workshops. In collaboration with Orkney we will offer the latest workshop, so if you’re interested in routing with OpenStreetMap data, want to gain some experience with PostgreSQL and PostGIS, don’t forget to sign up and bring your laptop! For people living in Tokyo the workshop will take place November 2nd in the afternoon, for people around Osaka come in the early evening of October 8th.

Aside the workshop Georepublic will present OpenVRP project and a pgRouting Lightning Talk. When you’re going to attend one or even both events, say hello and talk to us! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


Daniel Kastl

Geographer, Founder, Software Developer, working on the Next Generation Internet.

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