The New Georepublic Website has Launched!
April 28, 2023

We are glad to announce that our newly renewed website is finally ready with cool designs!🚀🚀🚀

Django Admin App and Model name reordering
March 22, 2019

Python and Django are probably the best tools I’ve used in my work so far. Easy to understand and get started in, and very capable. However, Django can be frustrating to work with at times.

ZIP Files in Django Admin and Python
February 22, 2019

Recently, I have been involved in a survey project for Tokyo University. I’m in charge for making the back-end API for the application. To complete this project, I have been using Django, with the Django REST framework.

Using the PostGIS Data Reader for GraphHopper
November 4, 2018

To use the PostGIS Data Reader for GraphHopper described in the previous post , please do the following: Download the package in . As of this writing, the most stable can be found postgis-0.

GraphHopper with PostGIS Data Reader
October 27, 2018

GraphHopper is a new fast routing engine that is written in 100% Java. It is very memory efficient and is able to load large amounts of road data when creating routing networks for fast searches.

Catchment Area Calculation with pgRouting
April 21, 2017

This post is written as response to Michal Zimmermann’s article “Routing with pgRouting: Catchment Area Calculation ”. Michal’s article was interesting to read, and it definitely contains some valid points of criticism.

pgRouting preview: the new VRP solver
December 5, 2013

This is a guest post of “St. Nikolaus”. It is written for the Japanese FOSS4G Advent Calendar 2013 and it’s probably again the only one in English as in 2012 .

FOSS4G Presentation about pgRouting
November 15, 2013

In 2013 pgRouting was presentated at three FOSS4G events, in Nottingham , Tokyo and Osaka . In case you have missed them all, take a look at the presentation slides:

pgRouting announces pgRouting 2.0.0 release
September 27, 2013

This 2.0 release brings a number of major new features: All Pairs Shortest Path, Johnson’s Algorithm NEW All Pairs Shortest Path, Floyd-Warshall Algorithm NEW Shortest Path A* Bi-directional Dijkstra Shortest Path NEW Bi-directional A* Shortest Path NEW Shortest Path Dijkstra Driving Distance K-Shortest Path, Multiple Alternative Paths NEW K-Dijkstra, One to Many Shortest Path NEW Traveling Sales Person NEW Implementation Turn Restriction Shortest Path (TRSP) NEW New functions for creating routing topology New functions for analyzing a graph for problems pgRouting 2.

Joining Tables with SQL using pyQGIS
September 21, 2013

One of the features that makes MapInfo’s MapBasic very useful is the ability to join a normal tabular data with a spatial data using plain SQL statements within an application. This is useful because it makes it possible to link numerous attribute tables (census, crime, marketing, etc.

Geoserver Security using the Seasar Web Framework
September 5, 2013

Although Geoserver has its own valid Security system, exposing it directly to the internet still raises concerns, especially if Geoserver is being used to host corporate data. One source of these concerns is that Geoserver offers numerous Services that have to be closed properly, and a single unintended mistake in closing these Services might lead to an unauthorised access to the Services or sensitive data.

pgRouting 2.0 is coming soon
August 5, 2013

With the (inofficial) alpha, beta and rc1 release of the new pgRouting 2.0.0 lots of smaller and bigger issues have been fixed: for example TSP now accepts a start and also an end point, the “develop” branch is checked on Travis CI with every commit and tested with different versions of PostgreSQL/PostGIS, the documentation can be translated with Transifex , etc.