At Georepublic, we are excited to introduce our latest development: the Redmine GTT FIWARE Plugin. This new addition to our Geo-Task-Tracker (GTT) project is designed to seamlessly integrate Redmine with FIWARE , bringing new levels of functionality and efficiency to task management systems.


What is the Redmine GTT FIWARE Plugin?

The GTT FIWARE Plugin is a unique tool that enhances Redmine’s capabilities by enabling interaction with FIWARE. Here’s what our plugin offers:

  • Create and Publish FIWARE Context Broker Subscriptions: Users can easily create and manage subscriptions to the FIWARE Context Broker, ensuring they stay updated with real-time context data.
  • Create and Update Issues based on FIWARE Context Data: The plugin allows for the automatic creation and updating of issues based on context data from FIWARE.


Why is this important?

This integration opens up a myriad of use cases, particularly beneficial for FIWARE users, many of whom are local governments. The ability to automate and synchronize tasks with real-time data enhances decision-making and operational efficiency. Here are a few examples of how this plugin can be utilized:

  • Smart City Management: Local governments can use the plugin to manage tasks related to urban infrastructure, traffic management, and public services, all driven by real-time data.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Track and respond to environmental changes by automatically creating tasks based on sensor data, ensuring timely interventions.
  • Emergency Response: Improve response times and coordination by creating tasks triggered by real-time incident reports and sensor alerts.

Bringing more value to FIWARE deployments

At Georepublic, our mission is to leverage location technologies to solve real-world problems. The Redmine GTT FIWARE Plugin exemplifies this mission by providing a tool that not only enhances task management but also brings tangible benefits to our users, particularly in the public sector.

The GTT FIWARE Plugin brings a new usage perspective to many FIWARE deployments. By integrating robust task management capabilities directly with FIWARE, it provides direct value through its ability to translate real-time context data into actionable tasks. This seamless integration empowers organizations to:

  • Efficiently manage resources and operations: Automate task creation based on real-time data, ensuring that resources are allocated where they are needed most.
  • Enhance responsiveness: Quickly respond to changes and incidents with automated task generation, improving overall efficiency and service delivery.
  • Improve collaboration: Use location-based data to manage and coordinate tasks across different teams and departments more effectively.

Coming soon to LOBSTA

We are also thrilled to announce that the GTT FIWARE Plugin will soon be available for LOBSTA , our hosted offering of a new task management system that connects places and tasks. LOBSTA is a new kind of task manager that helps you manage all kinds of location-based tasks collaboratively and more efficiently.


Get started today

We invite you to explore the capabilities of the GTT FIWARE Plugin and see how it can transform your workflow management. For more information, detailed documentation, and to download the plugin, visit our GitHub repository .

Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from Georepublic as we continue to push the boundaries of location technology and smart solutions.

For more information, questions, or inquiries, please get in touch with us . We look forward to hearing from you!

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