3D Point Cloud

Add the 3rd dimension to geospatial data with point cloud technologies for advanced data visualization and analysis.

Big Data

To collect, move around and process large quantities of information, Georepublic works with open source projects like OGC SensorThings API or DAT.


Georepublic assists governments to establish an environment to facilitate citizen engagement and collaboration.

Data Privacy

Georepublic elaborates digital projects using latest cryptographic technologies.

Geospatial Data

Efficiently collect, manage and exploit geospatial data to benefit from ubiquitous location information.

Global Minded

Georepublic is global minded and has more than 10 years experience in cross-cultural business development.

Internet of Things

Smart technologies make use of sensors and automation. Georepublic can asssist in the planning and development of smart solutions with the help of IoT.

Map Design

With OpenStreetMap, you’re in control. Turning the data into tiles can be done any way you like.

Network Analysis

With pgRouting, you are not limited to roads but any network data can be used to find shortest path.

Open Government

Hal Seki is leading the Civic-Tech movement in Japan as a representative of Code4Japan. Georepublic provides technology and consulting services to local governments and NGOs.

Route Optimization

Various algorithms are available to solve shortest path problems, and we keep on developing new ones.

Spatial Analysis

Obtain valuable insight from location data through spatial analysis to assist in marketing, risk mmanagement, decision making and other important aspects.

Need a custom solution?

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