Itsuro Tajima, R&D/GIS Spesicalist, received the Received the 2023 IPSJ Yamashita SIG Research Award for his research report entitled “A preliminary analysis of research support by dialog AIs based on Large Language Models” on March 28, 2023. The presentation is available at here .

In short, my presentation was about improving my research by making generative AI such as ChatGPT (in this case, bing) ask questions to my research. Research in companies is hard work. Therefore, we need to improve the research environment by using cutting-edge technologies such as AI. It is the same with software development related to geospatial information. We are always focusing on new technologies and improving our work for better business. We also actively pay attention to new technologies and try them out by ourselves.

This study is about the use of AI and is similar to User Experience Research. However, at present, it is difficult to explore the application without understanding the large language models and other AI-related technologies, such as deep learning, behind products such as ChatGPT. In geospatial technology, we are frequently dealing with huge amounts of data. Such experience has made it possible to try out and utilize AI.

Also, technologies such as deep learning and Transformer are being used for geospatial information. We are incrementally accumulating knowledge to work with that from now on as well. Representative example is “semantic segmentation,” which trains from images and 3D point clouds to detect specific geographic features. In addition, with the development of generative AI in recent years, new tasks such as detecting unknown objects and making a large language models explain things in words are also being developed with the use of available models.

In real-world challenging tasks such as civil infrastructure management or disaster reduction, we need a variety of technologies as well as geospatial information. We are now exploring new solutions that combine geospatial information with large language models.

Let’s explore the future together with the state-of-the-art AI and geospatial information.


Itsuro Tajima

Research-led solutions of practical problems.

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