Smart Vehicle Route Planning

Minimize operation costs, optimize tour plans, handle resources efficiently - SmartVRP helps to find the best schedule.

  • Orders

    Specify order locations with constraints such as time windows or capacities.

  • Vehicles

    Provide information about your fleet of vehicles and operational resources.

  • Scheduler

    Assign orders to vehicles into schedules considering operative constraints.

  • Routes

    Turn optimized schedules into individual driving driving directions.

Smart Tour Planning

Tour planning and scheduling can become extremely complex and hard to solve, especially for larger teams or fleets, taking into account various constraints. But the benefits are obvious and easy to measure in terms of increased productivity, efficiency improvements and cost savings.

  • For courier and delivery businesses
  • For on-demand transportation
  • For on-site customer services
  • For infrastructure surveys
  • For location-based tasks
  • and a lot more

We can help you to implement your custom optimization algorithm. Please contact us for further information.

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Single or multi-depot

Time window support

Custom distance calculation

Operating in the database