Collaborative Report Management for Citizens and Government

Listen to your citizens, save taxpayers money - aims to improve the service of local governments and to optimize the maintenance workflow.

  • Submit

    Report an issue, attach a photo and description and provide additional information.

  • Review

    Provide feedback about the issue, assign it to a person or team and update the report status.

  • Resolve

    Work on the issue and document the progress until the reported issue is completed.

  • Close

    Inform the issue reporter and citizens about the completion and receive feedback.

Reporting Made Easy is a collaborative report management solution for citizens and local government agencies. It not only works for issues but allows "positive" reports as well, such as ideas and proposals or management of general tasks. In fact, it can be used for any kind of local information.

  • Multiple projects
  • Access control
  • Custom workflows
  • Custom attributes
  • Time tracking
  • News & Campaigns
  • Progress view
  • Notifications
  • Plugin architecture
  • and a lot more is currently only available in Japanese and in "Public Beta". Please contact us for further information.

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Open Government aims to contribute to transparency in government and provide an easy to use tool for citizens to report issues to the local government and track their progress.

Open Technologies

Open Technologies lay the foundation of it's fully built on top of Open Source software, implements Open Standards and makes use of Open Data.

Multilingual is 'Made in Japan' with Japanese local government in mind, but thanks to its multilingual support it can be easily deployed elsewhere.


Public Participation


Optimized Workflows

Transparency and Visibility

Software as a Service

Open Source Technologies