Thematic Mapping for non-GIS experts

From a spreadsheet to a Thematic Map in just a few clicks, visualize and publish Your Data without being a GIS expert.

  • Your Data

    With Geothematics it's as easy as uploading your data in CSV format or copying tables from a spreadsheet.

  • Visualize

    Geothematics automatically analyses and classifies your data to let you style your Thematic Map layer.

  • Publish

    Geothematics makes it easy to share the result, for example in blogs, on your website or just by sending a link.

Linking Data with Maps

Geothematics is built on Geofuse and other Open Source software projects, and it makes it easy to link your geodata with maps. Upload data, style it and share your own thematic maps.

  • Auto-Classification
  • Key Matching
  • Reverse-Geocoding
  • Selection of Basemaps
  • Heatmaps
  • Permalink
  • PDF printing
  • Open Source Technology
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Geothematics Features


Geothematics works on every PC. No expensive and complicated GIS Software is required, all you need is your data and a webbrowser.


Geothematics is designed to be used by non-GIS experts. There is no need to study a manual or attend a training, no knowledge about maps is necessary. Geothematics enables everyone to present and share data as maps.

Software as a Service

Geothematics runs as a webservice and does not require installation and maintenance. Geographic data is pre-loaded and kept up-to-date. That said on-site deployment to be used within an intranet is also available.

Open Source Technology

Geothematics runs solely on Open Source software (ie. Geofuse, Geoserver) and ensures compliance with Open Standards (WMS, WFS).