gvSIG Association and Georepublic signed agreement of collaboration

gvSIG Association and Georepublic (Germany & Japan) signed agreement of collaboration, which goals are to spread the use of gvSIG and other geomatic software and to boost the software industry, specially for the small and the medium-sized enterprises, under the premises of collaboration and the shared knowledge.

About gvSIG Association

The "Association for the promotion of FOSS4G and the development of gvSIG", gvSIG Association, aims the sustainability of gvSIG project and the development of FOSS4G solutions.

'gvSIG Association'

Around democratic values and values of solidarity of the open source software the gvSIG Association promotes the development of a new business model based on cooperation and shared knowledge. Part of the benefits from these bussines activities will back into the gvSIG project.

About Georepublic

Georepublic specializes in the development and marketing of IT solutions in the field of geographical information systems, (GIS) logistics and business intelligence based on open source software projects. One key activity is the support of the open source project pgRouting. This makes Georepublic to a designated specialists in web-based routing in general and its implementation in particular.

Read official announcement on gvSIG news page.