• Using the PostGIS Data Reader for GraphHopper

    To use the PostGIS Data Reader for GraphHopper described in the previous post, please do the following: Download the package in https://github.com/mbasa/graphhopper. As of this writing, the most stable can be found postgis-0.11 branch. So change the...

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  • GraphHopper with PostGIS Data Reader

    GraphHopper is a new fast routing engine that is written in 100% Java. It is very memory efficient and is able to load large amounts of road data when creating routing networks for fast searches. And since it is written in Java, GraphHopper is easily...

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  • Catchment Area Calculation with pgRouting

    This post is written as response to Michal Zimmermann's article "Routing with pgRouting: Catchment Area Calculation". Michal's article was interesting to read, and it definitely contains some valid points of criticism. The drive-time polygons definitely...

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  • pgRouting preview: the new VRP solver

    This is a guest post of "St. Nikolaus". It is written for the Japanese FOSS4G Advent Calendar 2013 and it’s probably again the only one in English as in 2012. St. Nikolaus (Source: [1]) Let me introduce myself: My name is "St. Nikolaus"...

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  • FOSS4G Presentation about pgRouting

    In 2013 pgRouting was presentated at three FOSS4G events, in Nottingham, Tokyo and Osaka. In case you have missed them all, take a look at the presentation slides: 2013 was a very successful year for the pgRouting project, but we hope 2014 will...

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  • Pgrouting logo

    The pgRouting Team is pleased to announce the release of pgRouting 2.0.0

    This 2.0 release brings a number of major new features: All Pairs Shortest Path, Johnson’s Algorithm NEW All Pairs Shortest Path, Floyd-Warshall Algorithm NEW Shortest Path A* Bi-directional Dijkstra Shortest Path NEW Bi-directional A*...

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  • Pyqgis table 2

    Joining Tables with SQL using pyQGIS

    One of the features that makes MapInfo's MapBasic very useful is the ability to join a normal tabular data with a spatial data using plain SQL statements within an application. This is useful because it makes it possible to link numerous attribute...

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  • Seasar logo blue

    Geoserver Security using the Seasar Web Framework

    Although Geoserver has its own valid Security system, exposing it directly to the internet still raises concerns, especially if Geoserver is being used to host corporate data. One source of these concerns is that Geoserver offers numerous Services...

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  • pgRouting 2.0 is coming soon

    With the (inofficial) alpha, beta and rc1 release of the new pgRouting 2.0.0 lots of smaller and bigger issues have been fixed: for example TSP now accepts a start and also an end point, the "develop" branch is checked on Travis CI with every commit...

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  • Foss4g2013 white 300

    Georepublic at FOSS4G in Notthingham

    In September the annual FOSS4G will take place in Nottingham, and beside being a sponsor Georepublic will attend the event with three of us travelling from Tokyo and Osaka. We are also planning to attend State of the Map in Birmingham, UK and the

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  • Japan

    The Cuisines of the world

    Tags or tagging are quite underrated in mapping where colourful lines/dots make up for most of the look and feel. OpenStreetMap as the name says is an open map but also is a open geographic database licensed under ODBL. The beauty of the data is...

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  • Treemap

    Leaflet example with WFS-T

    This article is supposed to be No. 15 in the Japanese FOSS4G Advent Calendar 2012 and it's probably the first and last one in English for this year. First I wanted to build pgRouting Ubuntu packages and write about it, but then I saw the other great...

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  • How to contribute to an existing Octopress blog

    You managed to setup your own Octopress blog? Great! After a while you switch to another PC or your colleague wants to contribute an article and nothing worked as easy as I expected. There are probably hundreds of blog posts that describe how to setup...

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  • The Georepublic Times is using Octopress

    Let's start with a first post about how to publish articles on Georepublic's brand-new blog. Since the writing of blog articles has almost stalled in this year, even if Georepublic's population nearly doubled since 2011, there was probably something...

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  • PostGIS and pgRouting template

    When creating a new database in PostgreSQL using the standard template, PostGIS and pgRouting functions and tables are missing of course. You can add these functions and tables one by one, but doing this every time for every single database is annoying...

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  • pgRouting Project News

    It has been a long way but finally we made it: I'm glad to be able to announce the new pgRouting website, that also comes with a lot of other changes and news! I hope the migration doesn’t produce a lot of confusion but makes it easier to participate...

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  • Foss4g2010osaka

    Georepublic at FOSS4G 2010 Japan in Tokyo and Osaka

    2010 is also Georepublic's first year at the local FOSS4G conference in Japan. The 2-days conference + 1 day workshop will take place October 31st to November 2nd in Tokyo and November 5th, 6th and 8th (workshops) in Osaka. More details in Japanese...

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  • Gvsigcollaborator275px

    gvSIG Association and Georepublic signed agreement of collaboration

    gvSIG Association and Georepublic (Germany & Japan) signed agreement of collaboration, which goals are to spread the use of gvSIG and other geomatic software and to boost the software industry, specially for the small and the medium-sized enterprises...

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  • Georepublic is member of SilverStripe Developer Network

    Georepublic uses the SilverStripe CMS for its own company website as well as for several projects. We can say that SilverStripe is our favorite content management system, because it gives us the freedom to efficiently build custom websites with enough...

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  • Intergeo 2010 Review

    Until this year I didn't have the opportunity to attend an Intergeo 2010 fair, but I had heard about it since my university days. Staying in Germany at the time of the exhibition I got involved with OSGeo Park, organized by FOSSGIS e.V., the German...

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  • FOSS4G 2010 Review

    FOSS4G 2010 was a great event and the people of Georepublic spent a pleasant time in Barcelona. We stayed in an apartment in downtown Barcelona close to Plaça Catalunya and enjoyed the conference as well as the evening program. The brand-new pgRouting...

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  • pgRouting presentation of FOSS4G in Barcelona online

    If you missed "Shortest Path Search for Real Road Networks with pgRouting" presentation or if you want to watch it again, here are the slides of our presentation at FOSS4G 2010 in Barcelona:

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  • Foss4g2010

    Georepublic presenting at FOSS4G in Barcelona

    This year's OSGeo main event, the FOSS4G 2010 in Barcelona, is just one month ahead and blogs are filling up with articles of people being excited to attend the conference. Georepublic will be there for the first time and this is not a big surprise...

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  • Google Summer of Code 2010 with pgRouting

    OSGeo has been accepted as mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code 2010 program. This program provides funding for students to work on open source projects under the support of experienced mentors. The projects participating through OSGeo...

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  • Genetic Algorithms Fun

    I have something to say for those of you who don't believe in the Darwin's Theory of Evolution - evolution just works! I mean it really works. One can get perfect and exact solution of a problem from an ugly set of numbers which doesn't make any sense...

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  • Launch party 2010

    OCU Incubator launch Party

    Georepublic and Applied Technology Co. Ltd. will hold an OCU Incubator launch Party on March 2nd at the Media Center of Osaka City University. The program will start with some presentations at 4:30 PM and will end with a nice party, we hope. So come...

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  • Call for pgRouting Project Steering Committee

    Georepublic made a call for establishing a Project Steering Committee for pgRouting. We want to boost project activity and make it easier for others to join and influence pgRouting development. Looking at successful OSGeo projects we think that it...

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  • OSGeo Code Sprint 2010 in New York

    From tomorrow the Code Sprint 2010 in New York will take place and Jeff McKenna and Georepublic are going to "take part". Not really by travelling to New York in person but via IRC and webcam. We want to use the opportunity to work intensively on

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  • Georepublic moves into Osaka City University Incubator

    Georepublic has moved this week to the new office in the Business Incubator of the Osaka City University. The office is not very large but pleasantly quiet, and the technical facilities of the university especially the internet connectivity are excellent...

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